Made in a variety of styles for both tall candles and tea lights, these make excellent gifts.

Jeweller’s Workbench

This custom bench was built for a jeweller. Measuring 4 feet wide and 20 inches deep, the 3 inch thick hard maple top can withstand a substantial amount of abuse. The solid walnut casing, matched with the walnut ledge around the top, and backed with walnut panelling is also wired for undermount lighting and built in electrical receptacles.

Besamim Holders

Made in a variety of styles, these holders make great gifts. Each one is unique and comes filled with a personally developed blend of aromatic spices.

Etrog Holder

Made from maple and woodburned with vines and flowers, this etrog holder is like no other. During the year, when not in use, it can serve as a piece of art.


Made from solid walnut, this shtender measures 42 inches to the center of the top panel, which is 20 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. The cabinet inside measures 15.5 inches by 11 inches, and the opening at the front at 10 inches is tall enough to easily fit a bottle of water.

The wood for this is carefully selected for visual impact – with walnut’s notoriously wild grain, adding some finish makes the grain pop and creates a truly beautiful work of art.

Jewelry Boxes

These jewelry boxes make a really nice gift, with a unique style. Measuring about 2 inches tall, and 9 inches around, the box is about 6 inches wide, off-centred, and lined with felt. The top is made from a contrasting type of wood, and sits on a small lip.

Each box is unique, and many different wood species are available.